Value chain analysis of 4 renewable energy value chains in South Africa: photovoltaic, concentrated solar, wind, and hydroelectric in South Africa to optimise localisation potential.. GIZ
Training of community Trusts in co-management of the Isimangaliso Wetland Park World Heritage Site Wetland Park Authority
Value chain assessment of ginger, dairy, coffee sectors –Ethiopia. World Vision
Socio-economic specialist study for EIA: Impact assessment of large housing, commercial and industrial developments in the North of Durban in South Africa Tongaat-Hulett Developments
Surveying and benchmarking iron foundries in South Africa, Brazil, China, India and Russia. NFTN
Facilitation and preparation of Strategic Plan for the Namibian National Economic Development Agency GIZ
Conceptualising and delivering training to value chain analysts and private sector development specialists workers from 9 projects in Albania. World Vision
Development of commercialisation and green jobs strategy for 11 eco-tourism sites owned by SA’s largest forestry and pulp company Mondi
Development of an integrated economic growth approach for public finance, infrastructure, private sector development & value chain promotion in a selected district Swiss Contact
Design & Implementation of Nqabara Integrated Development Initiative and capacity building of the Community Development Trust. SURUDEC/EU
Harmonisation of Southern African Development Community PPP policy/regulatory framework. GTZ
Management of Public Participation Process for Cornubia Development Tongaat Hulett
Abaqulusi (Vryheid) Special case area – independent local economic development agency expert team member - Funded by GOPA UWP
Capacity building of community land trusts in co-management of iSimangaliso Wetland Park World Heritage Site in South Africa World Vision
Isimangaliso Authority / World Bank Tongaat-Hulett Developments
Value chain assessment of Ethiopian coffee sector World Vision
LED expert for LED benchmarking project in Namibia (PPP’s; LED strategies; Open Markets, SME Parks) CMRA
Development of a strategy/roadmap for the promotion of PPP’s and Cross sector partnerships in Zambia IBLF
End of Programme Assessment of the Mefakeng, Limpopo Programme. Irish Aid
Founder member of SA LED Network GTZ
Amatole District Municipality economic development agency institutional re-design GTZ
Support for Local Economic Development Integrated Support Programme. World Vision
Development of Business Plan for Embo Business & Employment Hub in South Africa. World Vision
Value chain assessment for agricultural products in Yambio, South Sudan World Vision
Participatory Appraisal of Competitive Advantage for Ixopo region in SA World Vision
Enterprise and organisational development training for Mseleni Market iSmangaliso Authority
Participatory Appraisal of Competitive Advantage for Embo region in SA World Vision
Social Impact Assessment for Cornubia Integrated Human Settlement Development
in SA
Tongaat Hulett Developments
Socio-economic strategic advisors to land use and property development in Durban Tongaat Hulett Developments
Stakeholder liaison & engagement with development communities living around
sites owned by THD in SA
Tongaat-Hulett Developments
Joint Programme of Action for Local Economic Development between 4 national Government Departments (SA) GTZ
Review of Principles, Criteria, Indicators and Standards for Sustainable Forest Management in SA Department of Water Affairs
and Forestry
South African National Initiative for Forest Certification in SA National Working Group
Forest Stewardship Council Plantations Review (International) FSC Bonn
Integrated community and local economic development programme for Nqabara in SA GTZ/RuLiv
Public Private Partnerships in municipal service delivery: preparation of case studies for the National PPP Forum in South Africa GTZ SLGP
Social specialist for Environmental Impact Assessment for King Shaka Airport and
Dube Tradeport in SA
Dube Tradeport company
Fiscal decentralisation in Zambia - Local Economic Development input GTZ SDRD, Zambia
National Spatial Development Plan: development of a District Assessment tool in SA The Presidency, South Africa, via GTZ
Local Economic Development and Community Based Natural Resource
Management - development of a manual for Southern Africa. Also production of a "lessons learned" booklet GTZ
Economic Development Strategy for Urban Economy of Ladysmith, in SA Emnambithi-Ladysmith Municipality
EU Limpopo Subsector Development Strategy: Forestry and sub tropical fruit in SA EU Economic Development Support Programme
LED training for NGO's in Limpopo, in SA EU Economic Development Support Programme
Training in advanced LED concepts for government representatives and consultants
in Limpopo, in SA
EU Economic Development Support Programme
Zululand Craft associations enterprise development in SA DfID/DST
Programme component design and planning (Integrated Municipal Support) in SA Mpumalanga Rural
Development Programme (GTZ)
Economic Value Chain and Sector Study: Aloe ferox and Athrixia phylicoides: Eastern Region S Africa KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development
Evaluation of GTZ Rural Livelihoods Programme (RuLiv) in Eastern Cape, in SA GTZ
Evaluation of Mpumalanga Rural Development Programme in SA GTZ
South African LED Network establishment in SA GTZ
Interim programme management Unit for EU LED support programme in KZN, in SA EU
Stakeholder Consultation process and advisory in development of Timber, Paper and Pulp Sector Economic Transformation Charter Consultation process in SA Department of Water Affairs
and Forestry
Launch of Amahlathi Emerging Entrepreneurs Forum in SA AEEF
International Medicinal Plant Bark Harvesting Conference 2005 (international) DFID
Sizamimpilo Medicinal Plants enterprise development in SA Wild Resources
Local Economic Development Training for Emerging Consultants in Limpopo in SA EU Economic Development Support Programme
Southern KZN Economic Regeneration Study (regional) Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
Social impact assessment of mechanisation in Mondi forest operations in SA Mondi BP
Streamlining water use regulations and procedures for forestry licensing in South Africa Department of Water Affairs
and Forestry
Esidweni-Corrocoat Urban Food Security Garden Project, Umlazi, in SA KZN DED
Economic baseline study in KwaZulu-Natal Province South Africa, in SA EU Economic Development Support Programme
Participatory Assessment of Competitive Advantage in 4 Districts of KZN, in SA EU Economic Development Support Programme
Zambia/Malawi/RSA Medicinal Plant Project EU Economic Development Support Programme
Aloe Sector Study in KwaZulu-Natal, in SA DFID
Scoping report on commercialisation of Athrixia Tea, in SA KZN DED
Mozambique sustainable timber harvesting DFID
eThekwini Medicinal Plants Project, in SA FSC
eThekwini Tea Estate Pilot Organic Farm Ilembe feasibility Study in SA EThekwini Municipality
Amasimu Agricultural Project in SA Ilembe District Municipality
Mathonsi Divine Irrigation Project in SA Ilembe District Municipality
KZN Provincial Honey Project in SA Ilembe District Municipality
Development of Principles, Criteria, Indicators and Standards for sustainable forest management in South Africa Stakeholder involvement, in SA KZN DED
Development of Forestry Regulations for the Department of Water Affairs
and Forestry in SA
Department of Water Affairs
and Forestry
Forestry Sector Economic Transformation Charter in SA Department of Water Affairs
and Forestry
Umzimkulu Game Park in SA PPT
Provincial Muthi Enterprise development Project – Eshowe in SA INR
Commercial Products from the Wild (Medicinal plants and indigenous craft fibres) Enterprse Development in SA INR
Facilitation and establishment of Metro Rail Commuter Forum in SA Dept Science & Technology
Social facilitation for multiple Housing projects in SA PPT

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